About Department of Industrial Design

Department of Industrial Design, CYUT (CYID) was established in 1994, which was the first high education institute of industrial design in vocational and technical schools around the great Taichung area. To meet the requiring demands for more than 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), CYID always adheres to the teaching objective of incubating practical and dedicated professional talents who possessed comprehensive competences from making plan of new products, practical making, promoting execution to perform the production and marketing. CYID hopes our graduates can meet the special requirement for general professionalism when serving in SMEs, as well as actually have the quick response capability and flexible handling attitude with facing environment changes as being R&D personnel in SMEs. In order to provide the industries in central areas with an excellent channel of in-job training curriculums, CYID set the continuing education division in 1996, and recruited students of 2-year in-service technical curriculums at first. Then, to meet the developing tendency of macro-environment, these curriculums had been changed into 4-year in-service curriculums in 2002, so as to offer the optimal channel of in-service education and training curriculums of industrial design to those industrial personnel comprehensively.

◎Philosophy of schooling and vision
CYID’s philosophy of schooling and vision are to meet the industrial ecology of SME orientation for domestic economic development, and regards them as CYID’s educational objectives. After implementing and incubating such objective for many years, the results of our alumni’s employment achievement and feedback from supervisors in such industry were showed that they are fully satisfied SMEs’ demands in industrial design talents. In fact, many top-class large-scale enterprises also recruited CYID alumni into their own industrial design teams to show their recognition. In addition, these aforesaid educational objectives also can highlight the difference that shall be existed in the teaching position and higher education system for the vocational education system. Therefore, such educational objective shall be implemented and enhanced continuously, so as to deepen CYID’s character of “Pragmatic and Practical, Willing to Do and Learn” for incubating industrial design talents.

In order to effectively achieve the implementation and enhancement of aforesaid educational objective, indeed it always needs to know the changes in enterprises’ R&D tendency for planning CYID’s professional courses and teaching requirements, as well as make proper adjustment of the role definition for industrial designers while transforming corresponding requests. Therefore, it can be the basis of setting CYID’s professional courses and evaluating and adjusting their teaching contents. To meet the actual requirements for enterprises’ R&D system, the framework of CYID’s professional courses is not only possessed the basic knowledge and competence required for being industrial designers, but it also included the knowledge of production technology, as well as have the incubation of foreseeing the market demand and evaluating ability, which composed of the 3-way course framework. In terms of incubating the basic knowledge and competence required for being industrial designers, CYID set a 4-year main design course, from basic to advanced classes, which can gradually incubate students’ ability of “Designing the product with the feasibility of making mass-production” by aiming at user’s and market’s demands. Especially speaking, CYID is more emphasized on different design courses to combine teaching with enterprises’ demand to introduce the co-op curriculums, so as to make students to have experiences of practice, as well as experience the mutual adjustment between design ideas and industrial realities, and the process of looking for solutions. Moreover, it can make students to learn how to certainly handle various complicated issues they have to consider in the practical design works. Furthermore, it would use compound design projects in the same time to make students to familiar to the industrial status of executing various design projects in the future. In terms of the incubation courses of basic knowledge and ability of industrial design, it also set subsidiary subjects, including sketch, chromatology, creative thinking and performing skill, as the basic ability for students in the main design curriculum. For incubating the handling ability of manufacturing skills, since the factory practice course in freshman year, CYID would require students to have the concept of making in accordance with design drawing. In addition, along with courses of “engineering graphics”, “material and processing”, make students to familiar using various making procedures and material transportation methods, so as to facilitate students effectively handle and apply when executing the design project. Besides the training of hand drawing, and traditional making procedure, CYID also come with emerging manufacturing technology and computer software, and series computer courses, such as “computer-aid industrial design”, “computer-aid manufacturing”, so as to make students to handle the tendency toward technological development and make good use of it.

For incubation of foreseeing the market demand and evaluating ability, CYID is stressed on teaching the concepts and skills of market trend, customer demand evaluation, and new product planning. If designers cannot understand market, handle market and lead market, then the industrial design will stay on the technical level rather than being a competitive weapon for the entrepreneurial industry such as SMEs. In order to respond to the main industrial ecology of our SMEs, CYID sets special courses, such as “market survey” , “product planning”, and “design management”, so as to give students with correct concepts and incubate them to have those abilities that mentioned above. In addition, we expect to incubate students who won’t only be tightly insisted in the professional foundation of design, but they also can comprehensively provide customers with true and necessary product values, as well as the designers can create products with market potential and profit making for enterprises, thus they can be the talents of developing comprehensive products as required by SMEs.

Along with the great support of CYUT, at the beginning of establishing this department, CYID has promptly set the well-developed facilities, such as ceramic art class, metal processing class, glasswork class, practice factory and spray paint room. Among which, the practice factory has not only related equipment and device in carpenter and metalworking areas, but also possesses precise and advanced professional teaching equipment, such as auto fixed ratio and quantity injection molding machine and vacuum forming machine, so as to be a key feature of CYID. Moreover, CYID has also invited many instructors with rich empirical experiences to join this department, as well as enhance the competence of our teaching faculty. Besides teaching, CYID’s faculty still keeps providing services and interactions with industries, as well as continuously advanced the industrial development at the same time. Thus, the faculty with rich empirical experiences and has tight interaction with industries which is also a key feature of CYID.

To offer students with diversified learning contents and choices, since 2003 CYID has divided the course design into “Life Product Design” and “Industrial Product Design” curriculums. “Life Product Design Curriculum” intends to use CYID’s unique ceramic art, metalworking and glasswork classes, as well as fully cooperate with the neighboring National Taiwan Craft Research Institute and artists resided at the central area, so as to incubate industrial design talents who can develop products with cultural feature for related industries, such as toy, stationary, gift, furniture, housing and outdoor life appliances. And, “Industrial Product Design Curriculum” is focused on enhancing students’ logical training of scientific design methods, computer-aid integrated design and other technology application abilities, so as to incubate industrial design talents that required by industries, including 4C, Home Electric Appliance, Medical Equipment, Sport Equipment, Transportation Tool, Electric Tool and Hand Tool. In addition, in between these 2 aforesaid curriculums, there’re still have the course and curriculums, including the design basis, creative thinking, design and humanistic accomplishment, as well as common courses with management, marketing and planning curriculums.

Moreover, to cooperate with the development for Central Taiwan Science Park and surrounding industries and companies, since School Year 2004 CYID together with these 2 departments of Industrial Management and Information Engineering established the “Industrial Design and Product Innovation Technology R&D Center”; since School Year 2007, this Center has been included into the newly set Innovation Incubation Center and moved in newly built “Innovation Incubation Building” which located inside the Central Taiwan Science Park for further operation. In past 3 years, Ministry of Education has continuously subside special fund to this Center for its setup and operation 3 years in a row, and CYID has obtained various precise and expensive equipment, and will be possibly obtained the subsidiary again. Later CYID will continuously cooperate with this Center with providing R&D Technical Services to surrounding industries and companies at industrial zones in Central Taiwan Science Park, as well as Taichung, Dali, Nangong, Taichung Harbor and Changhua Coastal Park; thus tends to strive for CYID’s students for better co-op education resources, and further to promote the employment opportunity in the Park for CYID’s alumni.

◎CYID’s Self-expectation:

1. With keen and acute insight into society, global vision and well-experienced and excellent faculty that can inspire students for their creative potential.
2. Expand cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, so as to enrich students’ vision, as well as share the teaching, serving and researching synergy with cooperative partners.
3. Incubate professional talents of industrial design who will have in-depth recognition of technology, culture, market and industry, as well as have creativity, being pragmatic and practical, and willing to do and learn.
4. Keep and advance the enhancement and the cooperation and interaction with industries, in order to ensure of teaching contents and quality that meet industrial demands to increase students’ practical experiences and better opportunity of employment.
5. With the incubation of design talents and industrial service to distribute and upgrade the social and cultural level and economic development.

Department of Industrial Design, CYUT

The first ever technology university in the central Taiwan area established the industrial design department.

1994: Established 4-year industrial design curriculum (day course)
1996: Recruited students of 2-year in-service curriculum
2002: Established the graduate institutes of design, industrial design and media design divisions with recruiting general students of master’s degree curriculum, and then changed into 4-year in-service curriculum
2004: Graduate institute recruited in-service master’s degree curriculum
2007: Support the innovation technology center with master’s degree curriculum of industrial R&D
Digital Product Design and Visual Creation

2009: Department and graduate institute integrated and changed the name into the Department of Industrial Design
2016: Established special curriculum for Chinese students


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