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About Department of Industrial Design

Department of Industrial Design, CYUT (CYID) was established in 1994, which was the first high education institute of industrial design in vocational and technical schools around the great Taichung area. To meet the requiring demands for more than 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), CYID always adheres to the teaching objective of incubating practical and dedicated professional talents who possessed comprehensive competences from making plan of new products, practical making, promoting execution to perform the production and marketing. CYID hopes our graduates can meet the special requirement for general professionalism when serving in SMEs, as well as actually have the quick response capability and flexible handling attitude with facing environment changes as being R&D personnel in SMEs. In order to provide the industries in central areas with an excellent channel of in-job training curriculums, CYID set the continuing education division in 1996, and recruited students of 2-year in-service technical curriculums at first. Then, to meet the developing tendency of macro-environment, these curriculums had been changed into 4-year in-service curriculums in 2002, so as to offer the optimal channel of in-service education and training curriculums of industrial design to those industrial personnel comprehensively.
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